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  • Canal Sur

June 2017

Article about intensive vermiculture

Interview with Manuel Blasco Ruíz, Professor of Zoology at UNEX, scientific advisor of ASESLOM and lombricultor

Talking about vermiculture is talking about the history of the human being in his relationship with nature when it comes to obtain resources from it. What today looks like a new culture, responsible and respectful of the environment, it was already known and practiced by ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures. The British Museum, in its section dedicated to ancient Egypt, exhibts two tombs with engravings of men mowing the ground and collecting earthworms.

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  • La Vanguardia

May 2007

Grow your salads with vermicompost Lombec

Grow your salads on the balcony of your house

I am 37 years old, I was born in Badalona and I live in Santa Coloma de Farners. I am an agronomist, and I teach people how to create urban gardens on balconies, terraces and rooftops. I'm married and I have three children, Roger (10), Judit (8) and Miquel (5). I prefer left-wing politics and I am a Catalanist. God? It's like the eartworm humus: fertilizer so that we can bear good fruits.

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  • El Segre

August 2004

The incredible working worms doing vermicompost

The incredible working worms

Vermiculture Innovation S.L. is one of the three companies that are dedicated today in Spain to a little known business: to obtain high quality fertilizer by composting organic waste thanks to Californian red worms. This is a very limited practice in Spain compared to other European countries, where it is especially appreciated, as are the cases of England, France, Italy or Holland.

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  • TV3

April 2003

Vermicompost interview

Interview with Ramon Trepat, executive director of Vermiculture Innovation S.L.

A spanish company from Lleida is dedicated to the production of fertilizer by composting organic waste using California red worms.

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