Vermiculture Innovation S.L.

Vermiculture Innovation, S.L. is a company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of red worm casting (humus), natural and ecological fertilizer, obtained in our own facilities in Gerb (Lleida).

The ancient Egyptian tradition, which depended on the fertility of the Nile Valley, has been adapted to the current needs and requirements, has given rise to the modern LOMBRICULTURE. The production of LOMBRICOMPOST by red worms of California from the species eisenia phoetida, is performed by VERMICULTURE INNOVATION S.L. company, located in GERB, province of Lleida, and with main offices in Barcelona.

The product reaches the market under the LOMBEC registered brand. In the same way, our earthworm humus is registered in the Fertilizer and Related Products Registry of the General Directorate of Agriculture with number: F0000904/2018.

Although the production facilities and storage are located in Gerb (Lleida), the main offices are located in the following address (Barcelona):

  • C/ Canet, 33
  • 08017- Barcelona
  • +34 93 410 13 10
  • Email:

Lombricompost Lombec point of sale

Lombricompost Lombec point of sale

Lombricompost Lombec facilities

Lombricompost Lombec facilities

1 - Transformation

These facilities consist of a production plant, where the red worms transform the manure compost into humus directly assimilated by the plants.

2 - Quality control

Once the humus is obtained, it is removed from the field and transferred to the screening and bagging plant. In this way, it is guaranteed that the earthworm humus has a uniform granulometry, and has a spongy appearance that is pleasant to the touch and very easy to handle. It does not contain stones, or plastics, or other unwanted elements.

3 - Packing

After moisture control, earthworm humus is packed in bags of 25 kg (about 42 l.), 15kg (about 25 l.), and bags of 4kg (about 5 l). After palletizing, the product is ready for its correct transport to the destination point.